Aquaman 2 Reportedly “Boring!” and “Worst” DCEU Film!

Aquaman 2 Test Screenings: The Truth Behind the ReportsAquaman 2

Recently, there have been reports circulating about the failed test screenings of Aquaman 2, with some calling it one of the most boring films in the entire DC Extended Universe (DCEU). However, I personally know two people who have seen the film at these test screenings, and they have a different perspective to share. Let’s delve into this article from Fandom Wire that summarizes these reports and shed some light on the situation.

Contradictory Reports

Aquaman 2 According to the article, sources claim that Aquaman 2 is one of the worst movies in the DCEU and that the test screenings have not been favorable. On the other hand, the test screenings for The Flash have received positive feedback and are considered a crowd-pleaser. While I haven’t seen The Flash myself, my sources, who regularly attend test screenings, have heard positive things about it.

Test Screening FeedbackAquaman 2

The article mentions specific quotes from insiders who describe Aquaman 2 as boring and potentially the worst film in the DCEU. However, the people I know who have seen the film had a different experience. They described it as a campy adventure, similar to the first Aquaman movie, which they enjoyed. They mentioned that it’s not a game-changer or a top-tier comic book movie, but it’s fine and has a fun plot involving a rescue mission. While they did have some issues with the handling of the villain, they overall found it to be an enjoyable film.

A Work in Progress

Aquaman 2 One factor that makes it difficult to judge the film based on these test screenings is the extensive changes and reshoots happening behind the scenes. The DCEU has been undergoing rethinking and recalibration even before James Gunn’s involvement. The movie has undergone multiple iterations, with cameos and characters changing throughout the process. The people I know who attended the test screenings mentioned that the film has been heavily edited and modified due to these changes. Therefore, it’s challenging to predict the final version of the film, considering the ongoing adjustments and the ever-evolving plans for the DCEU.

Aquaman 2 Receives Terrible Test Screenings: What Went Wrong?Aquaman 2

It has been revealed by three insiders that Aquaman 2, titled “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” has not performed well in test screenings. This news is significant, considering the current state of the DC universe. The Flash, another DC film, has had positive test screening reactions for years. Aquaman 2 has undergone multiple changes, including the replacement of actors like Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck. There are also rumors circulating that Jason Momoa might be replaced as Aquaman with the character Lobo. This situation reflects the struggling state of DC movies and their attempt to salvage the franchise by making as much money as possible before moving on to new projects. However, it is unclear why Hollywood consistently rewards people who fail with new opportunities.

Reactions to Aquaman 2 Test Screenings

Aquaman 2 According to various sources, Aquaman 2 has been described as the worst DC movie yet. While reactions can be exaggerated, insider Jeff Snyder has also confirmed that the film is terrible. This negative reception may be the reason why Jason Momoa is rumored to be leaving the lead role to play Lobo in future movies.

Conflicting Reports and Future ProjectsAquaman 2

James Gunn, director of the upcoming DC film The Suicide Squad, has confirmed that he wouldn’t have the same actor playing two roles in the DC universe. However, there are reports suggesting that a Lobo movie is in development, which would feature Momoa in the lead role. This aligns with Gunn’s statement that there are more projects to be announced after the initial slate of films.

Overall, the poor test screenings for Aquaman 2 have raised concerns about the future of the DC franchise. It remains to be seen how the studio will address these issues and whether they can salvage the film before its release in December.



Aquaman 2 In conclusion, while there have been reports of Aquaman 2 having failed test screenings and being labeled as one of the worst films in the DCEU, the feedback from the people I know who have seen the film contradicts these claims. They found it to be on par with the first Aquaman movie, with some aspects being better and others not as good. It’s important to remember that these movies are still works in progress, with significant reshoots and changes happening as the DCEU undergoes a transformation. So, take these test screening reports with a grain of salt and wait for the final product to judge the film.


Commenters on Twitter have expressed their dissatisfaction with Aquaman 2 after recent test screenings. The DC comic movies have often been divisive among audiences and purists alike, making it difficult for Warner Brothers to replicate the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, films like the original Aquaman, Shazam, and the HBO Max show Peacemaker have been successful. With the upcoming sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, test screenings have been conducted to gauge audience reception.

Unfortunately, early comments suggest that Amber Heard’s performance as supporting actress is a cause for concern. Heard, known for her public court drama with Johnny Depp, has faced criticism on social media, with some attributing the poor test screening results to her acting abilities and lack of chemistry with the leading man. It remains to be seen how the general public will perceive the movie when it is released. While Heard has not been completely removed from the sequel, she claims that her screen time has been significantly reduced. Despite this, it seems that her character, Mera, still plays a substantial role in the film, as noted by test screening attendees. The truth of Heard’s involvement and the impact on the movie’s reception will be revealed when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom premieres on December 25th, 2023.

Cast :-Aquaman 2

1.) Jason Momoa – Arthur Curry/Aquaman

2.) Amber Heard – Mera

3.) Patrick Wilson – Orm Marius

4.) Dolph Lundgren – King Nereus

5.) Yahya Abdul-Mateen II – David Kane / Black Manta

6.) Randall Park – Dr. Stephen Shin

7.) Temuera Morrison – Thomas Curry

8.) Nicole Kidman – Atlanna

9.) Indya Moore – Karshon

10.) Pilou Asbæk

11.) Jani Zhao as Stingray

12.) Vincent Regan as King Atlan

BONUS.) Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

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