Marvel could be better then phase 4 or not

MCU: The Marvels Trailer Breakdown

There was a time when the MCU was filled with heroic and compelling movies made by competent directors. But then came Captain Marvel, which disappointed many. Now, we finally have a trailer for the sequel, titled “The Marvels”. Let’s break it down: Marvel could be better then phase 4 or not

The trailer opens with the S.W.O.R.D. space station, tying it to the events of “WandaVision”.
Monica Rambo, a.k.a. Spectrum, is shown in space, displaying her powers.
Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, finally appears in the trailer.
There are references to Miss Marvel, a character from the D+ show.
Monica, Miss Marvel, and Captain Marvel’s powers seem to be intertwined, resulting in a Freaky Friday-like situation.
A new villain is introduced, and it appears to be a gender-swapped version of Dar Ben.
The trailer ends with a team-up of the female heroes, hinting at the formation of a new team.

Marvel could be better

Overall, the trailer promises an action-packed sequel with a focus on female empowerment. However, some fans remain skeptical due to past disappointments in the MCU.

The Marvels: A Critical ReviewMarvel could be better

Oh yeah, I think I can smell something. Was the trailer the worst one I’ve ever seen from the MCU? No, that belongs to She-Hulk. But if you were getting some She-Hulk, Disney XD, Disney Plus vibes, well, again, you’re a smart viewer. Because this film is written by a writer from She-Hulk and a writer from WandaVision, and directed by Nia DaCosta, who has directed only two feature films. It appears Disney Marvel hasn’t learned from their mistakes. They’re doubling down on that Disney Marvel brand humor that even the biggest of fans is growing tired of. The sets look cheap, the costumes look cheap, the effects look awful. So, we all understand why Victoria Alonso was fired. And even though we’re talking about Disney and Disney Marvel, I am confident there were serious conversations about putting this film straight to Disney Plus. And no, there will be no repeat of 2018 because this film is not making a billion dollars. And I understand this film isn’t made for me, and I could be wrong. Their target audience of 14-year-old girls might put their phones down long enough to watch a two-hour, 20-minute movie. But I am sure there will be a repeat of 2018 as it concerns the Brie bots on Twitter, screeching away, and a 99% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, Marvel could be better along with an opening weekend that will be subpar but will be called a record by the access media for the franchise. Followed by a 67% to 72% drop by the second week. Now maybe if they cut it down to a seven-second video and throw it on TikTok, it might work. But otherwise, The Marvels is doomed. But if I sound down on this, oh hell no. Bring on November 10th because it’s all about acceleration, and I’m here for the laughs. And I can promise you there is no one more excited for The Marvels than I am.

Stage 4: 

Stage 4 in the current MCU is similar to the snoring stage, right? I’ve been planning this movie since Black Panther came out last year, but I’ve been working on it a bit. “Black Panther 2” made me think more about the future of the MCU. This is one of the best Phase 4 movies. We’ll talk about the time warp and the current state of the MCU, I think things should change soon. Disappointment at Stage 4 When I discovered Stage 4 of the MCU, I didn’t know what I was looking at. It is disappointing that they decided to release more movies and series in the market after Endgame. “Between” is one of the phrases we hear a lot in the MCU these days, and I think it’s the right word. Yep, the new MCU info isn’t bad. You may be wondering why it has fallen behind as the most popular movie of the 21st century. An evil time traveler with a mind of his own trying to stop the Avengers is a much more interesting story than Bloodman Wants to KillEveryone.

Marvel could be better

The problem with indie stories Frankly, Marvel’s time is running out because everyone has way too much time these days. Marvel started this train with the non-Marvel Spider-Man: Universe movie, but it didn’t get us anywhere, it brought us to where we are now. But after watching this movie, I just hang out. In general, an occasional story can be written without affecting the entire plot. It’s like Marvel is throwing things at the wall to see what’s sticking. Lack of direction and character Step 3, don’t tell the story people want to see. Some movies try to create more characters with no personality. The movie was so bad that Marvel pretended it didn’t really happen. Great story, but what does Cersei’s eternal life have to do with all this? This might be the funniest part of the movie. It’s crazy that no character in the MCU is talking about it. Marvel’s rushed production and poor quality caused problems in Phase 4 that made half of the original superhero roster unplayable. I love watching new movies or TV shows but it won’t stay in my mind for long. They don’t have the quality of old movies. For example, if you’ve ever watched “Homeless” on TV, you know it’s a great movie to watch with cast.


Marvel could be better There are big moments or moments when you are at home when you don’t look good but want to wake up and be happy. Many movies of this genre have this problem. Marvel’s goal this time around is to heal, but what they don’t know is that this magic cannot be replicated as expected. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think superhero fatigue is a problem. People still love superheroes, but when the market is flooded with superhero content, viewers become more selective about what to watch in movies. Making a great movie reminds people of what Marvel really is. But if it’s disappointing, it could damage the MCU’s reputation for many. Personally, I would be very upset if the new Fantastic Four movie was bad

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