Does marvel really own the spider verse – or Colombia is worked better on it

Does marvel really own the spider verse – or Colombia is worked better on it

Foreign Music Across the Spider Verse Review
Foreign music across the spider verse is a continuation of the highly successful and extremely entertaining into the spiderverse. As Miles Morales travels through the Multiverse, he meets the Spider-Man team, who must protect existence as heroes clash over how to deal with a new threat. Miles has to rethink what it means to be a hero.

marvel really own the spider verseThe last film was one of the most surprising I’d ever seen which I imagine is something that Lord and Miller the film’s writers are tired of hearing because they’ve been involved in a lot of movies that people go to thinking it’s going to not be the greatest film ever and leave thinking that was the greatest film ever and they keep hearing that a lot but I think that’s going to start dying down now because they keep making great films. Phil lord and rodney rothman wrote the first film and this film was written by phil lord christopher miller and dave callahan and just like with the first film as well as most films that lord miller have their hands in this film is incredibly fast-paced where information is just being fed to you so quickly and jokes are being thrown at you so fast that you can miss them sometimes they’ve already gone to two or three more jokes and you’re still laughing about the last one that happened a minute ago and you’re trying to catch up and it makes all the films that lord miller are involved in very rewatchable because you’re constantly missing things and picking up on them on the second and third or fourth viewing.

While watching across the spider verse, I found myself truly overwhelmed there are so many art styles in this film endless amounts of characters and detailed characters this, it’s not just like little dots on the screen like everyone has fully fleshed out character design the different universes that miles and Gwen jump around in allmarvel really own the spider verse have different art stylings sometimes based in the comic books of the era and that look or old cartoons or tv shows or even movies while watching the film I really did feel like a kid in that I had that genuine sense of awe that I have lost for so many films because I know how movies get made while watching this one I was overwhelmed by the craftsmanship the sense of movement with these characters the feeling of weight and gravity that is so difficult to achieve with visual effects or in this case animation is perfect the way they fly around these environments and twist their bodies and contort them into movements poses interactions it’s all just gorgeous looking and that is to say that just like the first this film has loads of style it is oozing it every sequence just feels so damn cool and yet it is filled with depth and substance every character is on a journey that feels relatable everyone has family dynamics that feel real and the choices these characters make feel like the hardest they’ve ever had to make they’re constantly put in scenarios that challenge them and that ask them who they are and ask them to rise above themselves.

marvel really own the spider verseThe film also wisely pokes fun at that it understands all of the history of spider people it knows when to make jokes about that and it knows that we know the history too in some ways though the film does feel like it has to remind us about a lot of things it has to catch us up fairly early on with a voiceover that reminds us things that happened and then when we see miles again we are once again giving a voice over in fact he even says the variation of let’s do this one more time and then talks about his backstory sometimes that aspect of the movie can feel like yeah i know let’s go let’s let’s get going i already know this but some people don’t and for those people who watch the movie who didn’t see the first i get that that’s going to help them but I just feel like we’re past that I feel like we’re past the era where we need to catch everybody up.

The only times I think that makes sense is if you’re for some reason getting a sequel to a movie where the first was successful but kind of modestly if there were any aspects of the film that dragged at all i think there might have been just a bit too much family drama early on for the film that we watch play out it feels like there was more than we needed that being said most people know there is a third film coming next year and some of that might bleed into that narrative so i’m going to reserve judgment on saying that they had too much of that until i see the full trilogy arc.

I thought this was absolutely spectacular I think these two films are like the first genuinely two of the bestmarvel really own the spider verse comic book films ever made. I think that people are really gonna like it miles is a great hero he’s put in so many situations where i don’t know what they’re going to do and i find that extremely exciting it’s very difficult to predict which is why i’ve said nothing about the plot really there are so many surprises and fun things along the way that i am very excited for this awesome movie.

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