The new Disney movie Peter Pan and wendy sence horrible

New Disney movie

I wish that there were better producers because I wish someone had said to David Lowry you have an amazing about 50 minutes here the first 40 horrible we gotta fix it so the people watch the last 50 minutes you know there’s no shame in telling your director especially when they’re making a movie called Peter Pan and Wendy that it has to have some Commercial Appeal I know some of you will be like oh you wound me Grace but I mean let’s just see how this movie does uh you know it’s no one can appreciate Brilliance if they don’t see it it’s like if a tree falls in the woods kind of a thing all right so anyway the real enemy is time or is it it’s inevitable so maybe make your peace with it that’s kind of what I think this movie is about I think we all know is the most successful approach for Disney Live Action adaptations this is a bread and water adaptation bread cup of water with hardly any magic or vibrant colors to be seen which of course is what the original that everybody is you know remember so fondly you know the Disney Original and what Disney itself is known for its creativity and VFX .


so you know that’s what people want from his name you know this is like mostly medicine very little sugar sprinkled on here uh Neverland it doesn’t even look like a magical fantasy land at all or even an island I’m like I can tell you’re at a shooting location and that’s what it feels like although it’s later revealed that that’s intentional that it’s supposed to look like the real world although I couldn’t that’s one of the things I still couldn’t quite figure out why I was like why maybe because it’s an endless backyard right or woods behind a house right that says it’s supposed to create that feeling.

new Disney movie

I saw the whole
movie it was actually quite clever to have them go through Big Ben to go through a clock to either freeze or destroy time I was like oh that’s actually a hint of what’s to come brilliant as well as what I thought was an amazing opening line I just couldn’t believe it and that’s why I was so surprised it got so bad for a while but they had an opening line where it says uh you know that Michael and John are playing and John says your time has run out Peter Pan and then uh Michael shoots back Peter Pan doesn’t care about time I

was like oh my God goodness particularly
because clearly does care or even more so far time perhaps the most of all look what he’s done yourself look what he’s done to himself which is great fantastic now while I applaud the out of the box
Awful Child Act thinking with the cast here uh and for instance England’s growing Middle Eastern population which has been growing for quite some time it’s pretty much you know a big part of the UK at this point so I thought casting Alexander Maloney is our Peter Pan here was a really interesting idea but here’s the problem he can’t act a horrible actor I feel bad he’s a child actor but he’s pretty bigum he’s cannot act I would say almost none of the children in this movie can act and there are some great child
actors out there I wish the casting Department had made that one of their priorities as well the acting is truly
awful particularly in the first half of
the movie and so you combine David Lowry having very little interest in setting up his story uh it’s just brutal to sit through in fact I would even say if you can’t do it fast forward to the end of the Skull Rock sequence which is also awful where the crocodile.

new Disney movie

That Crocodile
shows up and then right after that and even kind of there things start to get really interesting let me tell you this I have watched Peter Pan so many different times and so many different you know uh tellings of it but it has never occurred to me until this version that the crocodile Who Swallowed the ticking clock chasing Captain Hook is mortality wow oh this is amazing and that’s why hook fears it so this is so

amazing like I said it’s like a great brilliant paper on Peter Pan this is like realizing Mary Poppins is actually about Mr Banks something I didn’t realize until I watched Saving Mr Banks a movie also from Disney that’s good
from beginning to end and that showcased
what the Mary Poppins story was actually about and as I said maybe better understand why my dad loved that movie so much because he was going through a
tough time and he was uh you know relating to Mr Banks I was just like I can’t hear feed the birds one more time man you’re driving me crazy but after I saw that movie I called my dad up and said dad were you having a hard time so I feel like a kinship with this movie as well because it’s just opening up a
whole world to me of something like a new part of the story Captain Hook Lines now at first I couldn’t understand during the first 40 minutes why Jude Law signed on for this movie but once we got past that truly awful Skull Rock sequence also bad uh the movie started to come alive as David Lowry suddenly had interest in it and began to unravel the story of Peter Pan highlighting themes that have always been there like the crocodile and also making bold changes to the story which I actually act like I’m not going to spoil them.

new Disney movie
Female Characters
speaking of Wendy I recently uh well I re-watched the 1953 movie I didn’t get to the end I like the setup at the beginning still but then I was like

there’s a lot of bad stuff here I
couldn’t watch it anymore so Muller to Cinderella where I’m like she’s lost her mind talking to these birds and mice

but I didn’t care in the 1953 Peter Pan

for how all the female characters
Wendy Tinkerbell Tiger Lily the mermaids were all fighting each other viciously over Peter Pan like they tried to murder each other so I was delighted to see the female characters here working together acknowledging and supporting one another oh it was great because it seems that Neverland can be a man’s world too oh stop it these are important lessons and I think stuff we’re still still dealing with today and it was great again.

new Disney movie
Hook and Wendy
Maloney though is not a great actor there are plenty of great child actors so it’s a real shame but the movie isn’t really about Peter Pan he kind of takes a back seat Peter Pan is more of an idea in this movie an ideal for Wendy that she finds out maybe isn’t as Grand as she thought and something that haunts Captain Hook Lowry’s movie is really about Wendy and Captain Hook and Jude Law does a great job obviously and ever Anderson daughter of mili Jovovich and Paul W S Anderson seems wooden in the first half but once she starts getting better lines in the second half and some action sequences where she does her mother proud she does a real nice job I thought she was very very good also I gotta say as a woman I
appreciated the girl power elements
subtly added here sometimes on a few instances not so subtle I was like you gotta balance this action scene a little bit better but and then also to see them supporting each other I was like this is fantastic and it’s a particularly good movie for little girls it’s also a good Interesting for Adults movie for all adults because again that commentary on growing up uh maybe somebody who’s about to grow up maybe it’s a I don’t know it’s very sad movie it’s a little bit of a downer I’ll talk about that towards the end of the review but again the first half is just so horrible but the second half is so brilliant so profound that if you’re at all interested in storytelling and playing with stories I love to play with stories as you know so I think it’s definitely worth your time if you’re like me in that regard again I was blown away several times in the second half and I will never look at the story of Peter Pan the same way again I also Score
thought the score by Daniel Hart was fantastic it was playing over the end credits I still had tears in my eyes and I was like oh this was actually pretty good I also thought The VFX were pretty.

she can’t really do the pantomime that the character is famous for but again she does have that incredible line at the had that kind of made up for everything I was like I can still be Smee

it was also surprisingly moving as to me now reimagined as a father figure toCaptain Hook a lot of talk about mothers and fathers as well and he wasn’t funny at all despite being played by a comedian Jim Gaffigan and I do miss the songs

No Songs
classic songs from the 1953 film thoseare still iconic and there are a fewpirate songs here but unbelievably not a pirate’s life for me I’m like how are we not singing any of these songs ridiculous.

new Disney movie
movie unwatchable second half of themovie absolutely brilliant so I wishsomeone had the guts to tell that to
David Lowry so maybe he could have fixedit all right that’s my view of Peter Panand Wendy hitting Disney plus thisFriday a service you can fast forward so I at least hope.

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