Harry Potter and the cursed child – will be worst movie

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Today, I will be reviewing “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. My overall thoughts on this screenplay are that it was terrible. I do not recommend it. In this rant review, I will discuss all the reasons why I think this book failed.

Characterscursed child

The characters in this play digressed significantly from their original selves, which was one of the worst things about it. Harry, who grew to be an incredible character despite facing abuse, is now portrayed as horrible. Hermione, in the alternate timeline, becomes a cruel and bitter teacher. Ron’s character is reduced to a worse version of Fred, always making bad jokes. Cedric Diggory, known for his selflessness, inexplicably turns evil. McGonagall, a strong character, is easily pushed around. And Snape, a character I have analyzed extensively, loses all nuance.


The scenes in the book were also disappointing. The trolley scene, where a nonsensical creature prevents students from getting off the train, was one of the worst. The ease with which the kids break into the Ministry of Magic, thanks to the polyjuice potion, is unrealistic. The scene with the bookshelf, where Hermione hides the time turner, is odd and unnecessary.

Time Turnercursed child

I have issues with the use of the time turner in this book. J.K. Rowling introduced it in the third book but never used it again because it expanded the world too much. However, in this screenplay, the time turner is brought back in a way that does not work with the established rules of the world.

It is stated that the time travel in this book is preferred over the time travel in Book 3 because it creates new timelines instead of a closed loop. However, the execution of the time travel in this book is criticized for various reasons. Another issue is how the time turners are treated in the story. In the original series, time turners were not seen as dangerous and were even given to children. But in this book, they are portrayed as a horrible device that everyone agrees should never be used again.cursed child

When the kids go back in time, they decide to wear Durmstrang robes instead of Hogwarts robes to avoid raising suspicion. However, this decision is not logical as Durmstrang students would find it more suspicious to see random kids wearing their robes. Also, the kids are too young to be Durmstrang students. Additionally, when they disrupt the first task and come back to the present, the timeline has changed but everyone has forgotten the first timeline except for a few central conflicts.

Harry threatens McGonagall to watch over his son and keep him away from another kid, which is not a fair request. It is also mentioned that Harry has not changed much in the second timeline. Hermione is portrayed as horrible in this timeline because she did not marry Ron. The relationship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione seems strained in this timeline, which is not consistent with their close bond in the original series.

During the second attempt to change time, they slide down a sink to reach the lake, but it is not explained how they fit through the sink or why it is designed differently. This lack of explanation and description is attributed to the screenplay format, but it still leaves the reader questioning the logic. In the lake, Albus and Scorpius use an engorgement charm to humiliate Cedric, which is inconsistent with Albus’ lack of skill in spell work.

Unfortunately, “Cursed Child” is inexcusably bad. Let’s dive into why. There are a few emotional moments that resonate with the reader. However, most of these moments either ignore the established characters from the original series or rely too heavily on previous events, making them feel cheap and unearned. This is my main criticism of “Cursed Child” – it is poorly written and relies too much on the previous series.

It is acceptable for a new addition to a series to draw from the previous books, as long as it has its own self-contained plot and story to build upon. However, “Cursed Child” fails to do that. Everything in the play is dependent on revisiting what has already happened, to a debilitating degree. This is achieved through the introduction of the most annoying plot device – time turners. Unless you are an experienced fantasy author who is willing to spend a lot of time exploring the consequences and establishing rules for time travel, do not introduce it into your story. It will only cause problems and make critical readers question the plot.

cursed chil
The plot of “Cursed Child” fails on almost every account. There are a few emotional moments that have some payoff, but they feel unearned because they are not connected to what the reader is currently experiencing. Furthermore, the reintroduction of a disliked device and the flimsy premise presented by the protagonists raise immediate questions. If they have the ability to go back in time, why not go all the way back and solve all the problems? The play attempts to address this issue with consequences, but it falls short.

Now, let’s move on to the critical failure of the characters. The story revolves around the children of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy teaming up to solve problems through time travel. Harry Potter is completely misunderstood as a character in “Cursed Child”. It is confusing how JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, could write a version of him that makes no sense. After some research, it becomes clear that another author, who is not well recognized, had a significant role in writing this play. This raises questions about why this author was chosen to write a Harry Potter story.
Based on the Harry Potter books, one would expect Harry to be a good father who can empathize with his child and help them through difficult times. However, in “Cursed Child”, Harry is portrayed as a terrible father who tells his son that he wishes he wasn’t his child. This completely contradicts the established character of Harry Potter.

In addition to the weak characterization, there are instances of overreactions and poorly written interactions between characters. For example, a disagreement between Ron and Draco escalates to comical levels, with both characters acting in an exaggerated and unrealistic manner. These instances of poor characterization detract from the overall quality of the play.

Lastly, it is important to note that “Cursed Child” is not a novel, but a script for a play. While I have experience reading scripts, it is worth mentioning that this format may not be enjoyable for everyone.


cursed child

Reasons for not releasing every book as a script
There is a reason why not every book is released as a script, even though scripts are objectively easier to write than thick novels. Scripts are less pleasant to read and can be tiresome. It would have been better if they had taken the time to translate it into a more enjoyable book format.

Comparison to other plays

Comparing “Curse Child” to other plays, it is the worst. It lacks the depth and brilliance of plays like Tennessee Williams’. It felt insulting to read, lacking intelligence and maturity. The play was dumbed down and filled with fan-service moments.

Authorship doubtscursed child

I do not believe J.K. Rowling wrote the majority of this play. She has proven herself to be a competent author, but “Curse Child” lacks her signature style and whimsical storytelling. I suspect that this “btier” person is the actual author.

Final ranking and recommendation

On a scale of ten, I regret reading “Curse Child” entirely. It was dissatisfying and disappointing. It is not worth your time, and I cannot recommend it to anyone.

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